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Kamikura School of the Arts

Education is the best step forward

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Kamikura School for the Arts

Brief Overview

This is an original RPG (Role Playing Game) set in the modern day at Kamikura School for the Arts. The school is all-boys, so, gomen but no female characters allowed.
Also, this is an original RPG so please don't steal any other persons/anime characters and make your own. If you need any help, just AIM me at MelancholyLR or email me at lianne_jasmine@hotmail.com.
You character can be a student or a teacher.


Yes there are rules, because rules establish order. These are the RPG rules, the rules for the school will be put on the community sometime later this week. (Today being 4/03/05.)

1) You can have up to five characters, if you can keep up with them all ^_^.
2) You must have a character journal and either AIM or MSN, though MSN is prefered I won't make you get it.
3) Try to post at least once a week, I know you have lives (even I do believe it or not) but if you don't post within two weeks I'll send you a warning e-mail. After that I'm afraid I'll have to ban you, and I really don't want to do that.
4) Don't offend other players (unless it's during an RP and in character), this is supposed to be fun.
5) Have fun and be yaoi! Yes, this is a yaoi/shounen-ai RPG, if you have a problem with that I would advice going no further ^_^.


To join this RPG you'll have to send the application below to lianne_jasmine@hotmail.com. If you have problems with it talk to me on AIM or MSN. Don't worry, I won't bite, I'm actually rather friendly ^_^.

Star sign:
Eye colour:
Hair colour:
Appearance(Hair style, eye shape, skin tone, clothes, etc):
Brief History:
Chosen subject at Kamikura (Music, Art, Drama or an All Rounder):
Other info:

And yes, as it's a Japanese private school I would like you're characters to be Japanese. However, if you really want your character to be gaijin, please make them a foreign exchange student, or something along those lines.
An 'all-rounder' student is one who does not major in any particular subject but either does a bit of the three or studies some other subject (i.e. English, Mathematics, Science etc.). If it is another subject, please specify in your application.

Taken Characters

Shinohara Koutarou- Music koutas_voice
Aonuma Mamoru- Art mah_ne
Remus James Black- Music- remus_j_black
Yoshino Kyoshi- Art yoshino_kyoshi