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A couple of meetings and a... misunderstanding?

The sun shone brightly over the grounds of Kamikura, the air filled with the exited cries of younger students, while the older ones watched in vague amusement. All but two, that was. Lounging beneath the cover of a large willow, twins Kawazoe Akira and Kaito ignored the teeming masses.

Every so often, though, one of the boys, the wilder Kai, would part the canopy of leaves to watch the goings on, all the while fiddling with his brother's long braid, much to said brother's annoyance. "Hey Aki?"

Looking up from the book he'd been perusing, and pulling his hair from Kai's grasp, the older of the two looked up, "Kai?"

"Is it just me, or have we managed to avoid any of this years new students?"

Tilting his head to one side, the older twin considered the statement, "Yes, we have. Not that I mind much, they're all too small and excitable really." As some of the schools oldest students, and the wealthiest, both young men had a tendency to look down on others, though they never meant any harm by it.

"Yeah, you're right."

Nodding at his brother, and making sure his hair was safely out of the way, Aki turned back you his book, "I always am."

Yukio walked along the grounds of the school building, clad only in a belly-baring bright pink top and low-slung leather jeans in black. He whistled to himself slightly, waving at all the people he knew and running a hand through his hair. He eventually stopped and sat down on the grass, looking around and placing his books beside him. MacBeth, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, almost all of the books by Shakespeare lay next to him in a mound and he leant back on his arms, enjoying the suns rays on his body. He didn't mind the fact that the leather of his pants felt sticky, he was just glad to be outside. He smirked slightly and waited...and waited before the smirk turned to a frown after thirty minutes. So...his friend hadn't bothered to show up. Idiot. If he wasn't going to show up

Yukio wasn't going to help him with his work, simple as that. Heaving a sigh he grabbed one of the books from the pile and delved into it, whistling a slight tune under his breath.

Deprived of his brother's hair to play with and keep the boredom away, Kai turned his attention to his own, equally long, hair. Releasing it from the tie that usually bound it in place he ran his hands through the auburn locks, spreading it in a silken curtain about his shoulders. Crawling over to his sprawled out brother, enveloping them both in a haze of rich, dark red as he leaned over. "Ne, Aki? I'm bored… whatcha reading?"

Rolling onto his back, Aki gazed up at his brother, "It's Dorian Gray, Kai," he reached up to brush some hair from the other man's face, "Now, what do you want to do?

Yukio sighed in boredom and chucked the book back on the pile, looking around again before he spotted something off in the distance, something red. An extremely gorgeous red. He smiled to himself, grabbed his books and walked over, motioning to the space beside the two boys...twins? Cool. "May I sit here?"

Looking up from his beloved brother, Kai turned his attention to the blond boy. Shrugging slightly he inclined his head, "If you like… hey! You read Shakespeare too? Aki's read them all, at least five times!" He turned to his fellow redhead once more, noting the frown marring his brother's otherwise handsome face.

Contemplating the youth who'd dared to disturb their peace, Aki asked, "Who are you?"

"Anou..." Yukio all but sweat-dropped. How could they not have heard of him? He'd been in the last three school performances and was one of the bets in the Drama department. Not to mention the mountains of awards that decorated his bedroom and the fact that he was knowing for being...well, the school slut. Maybe they were new? Flicking a piece of his long blond fringe back he smiled in an enigmatic way and bowed slightly. "Onogara Yukio, desu."

Aki frowned, this was Onogara Yukio? Well, he should have guessed by the boy's outfit, who else would were something like that? Not that it mattered to him, "Hn. Kawazoe Akira desu, my brother Kawazoe Kaito."

And the boy had better know who they were, their parents were some of the school's biggest benefactors, they had been students here for so many years it was hard to count. Not to mention that they were credited as some of the best actors Japan had produced and had guest starred in several popular TV shows.

Only the blind deaf and dumb hadn't heard of them, and even then, that was rare. It was obvious why they'd never come across Yukio though, every year they'd been doing paid work during the school productions, except in their fist year.

Yukio shrugged and lay down next to the twins, whether or not they minded. He didn't particularly care. They seemed like a bunch of snobs to him but first appearances were never good so he guessed he might as well get to know them a little before sticking such a label on them. "So how long have you been at Kamikura?" He asked, as politely as he could.

"We've been here for, what, twelve years?" Kai answered, looking toward his pissed off brother. It wasn't like Aki to take against someone so suddenly, and for no reason.

Aki gave a brief nod flopping onto his stomach and losing himself in his book once more, "Yes, about that." He left the conversation to his brother, not really wanting to deal with someone who had a reputation like Yukio's until he knew more about him.

Kai frowned himself, glaring at the back of his brother's tightly braided head, before turning back to the younger blond, "Ignore Aki, he's in a funny mood today. How long have you been here, anyway?"

"Anou..." Yukio scratched at the back of his head, trying to think how long he'd been at the school. He gave up eventually, shrugging. "Not as long as you two," he replied with a smile, stretching out his legs and clasping his hands behind his head. "About three years I think? Maybe a little longer. Except I was taken out of school during my second year here for six months so I guess that only makes it two and a half, ne?" His smiled faltered a little before he grinned and turned to the other two. "So, do you have any classes today?"

Kai frowned at the boy, taken out of school, huh? He wondered why, but didn't ask, it wasn't his place to pry. "Uhm… I don't think we've got any classes today, do we Aki?"

Absently turning a page in his book, not that he was really reading it anymore, Aki shook his head. "No." Fixing Yukio with a piercing amber gaze he asked bluntly, "And why were you taken out?" It might not be his place to ask, but that had never stopped him from being curious before, and it certainly wouldn't today. No matter how uncomfortable it might make Yukio.

Yukio spluttered for a moment, eyes going wide with surprise and something else before he abruptly shut them and turned his head towards the light, the sun above him warming his strange cool body. He shrugged slightly and the two next to him a mysterious smile. "I don't know," he asked, he laughed slightly at himself, smile turning bitter with pain and self-deprecation. "A lot happened that year to me and my family so I guess...it all ended up crashing, you know?"

Kai turned to scowl at his brother, digging his elbow into the other boys ribs. True, he had been curious himself, and would probably have ended up asking himself, anyway, but that was no reason for Aki to be so callous, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things are better for you now."

Grabbing Kai's wrist, Aki squeezed tightly, causing his brother to wince, before letting go. "There's no need to look at me like that, Kaito," he stated smoothly, imbuing his voice with every scrap of charm he possessed, even though he knew it wouldn't work on his brother, "If I hadn't asked, the curiosity would have burned you up, and you would have been impossible to deal with all day."

Tohru cursed himself in his head as he ran across the fields, almost tripping over in his too-long trousers. He hadn't meant to sleep in! Panting and out of breath he looked around for his tutor, finally seeing him talking to someone. Or someones. He sighed and walked the last few miles before throwing himself down next to his friend, completely out of breath.

"You said...you'd wait for...me..."

Yukio smirked and raised an eyebrow. "But you were late! By thirty minutes!"

Aki raised an elegant red-brown eyebrow at the new arrival, wasn't there anywhere sacred n this place? Did all these children have to come and overrun the places he'd shared with his brother (and the occasional lover) for just over a decade? "And you are…?" he asked, voice still charming, deep and rich, like a fine wine.

Darting a shocked glance over at his twin, Kai had to suppress a smirk. Whenever Aki used that much of his charm it meant trouble was brewing for someone, and fun for himself.

Tohru looked at the other people sitting next to his brother. "Oniisan?" He asked curiously before he turned again and spotted their hair. "Kami-sama...kirei..." His eyes all-but sparkled and his hands reached out, wanting to pet the hair the two boy's shared. "Oniisan...their hair's pretty, ne?"

Yukio rolled his eyes at his brothers obsession and nodded before looking apologetically at the two. "Don't mind him."

"Oh no," Aki all but purred, deft fingers reaching up to unfasten his hair, "I don't mind at all."

Kai really couldn't restrain the smirk that his brother's tone brought on, he loved it when Aki got like this. True, his brother was a manipulative bastard when he was bored (which was quite a lot of the time) but it always meant great entertainment for him. And who knew, sometimes these little games worked out for all involved, even the victims.

Tohru let out a whoop of glee and pounced on the boy he'd only just met, shoving his hands into the mass of hair and burying his face into it, closing his eyes and sighing. "So nice," he said, closing his eyes and snuggling into it, petting it.

Yukio watched the display his brother was making and laughed slightly, shrugging at the other brother and picking up one of his books again to read. His brother could get...so strange at times. His obsession with hair was crazy and his...strangeness was one of the reasons they'd been taken out of school. Sighing briefly he wondered whether he should try and get his brother off this total stranger. He didn't want anything bad happening to Tohru, the other boy was, after all, his responsibility.

Kai smirked at the blond as he went back to his book, moving to sit opposite his brother. He reached out slender hands to tangle through the new boy's hair, marvelling at the colour. It really was a very pretty shade of blue, if you liked the idea of putting chemicals in your hair on a regular basis. He caught Aki's eye above the boy's head, grinning at the bliss on his face.

It wasn't a widely known fact, but having his hair played with like that was one of Aki's few weaknesses, and the reason he was so strict about people touching it, and about keeping it braided. Which meant that the fact he was willingly letting a stranger do so was more than a little odd.

Tohru closed his eyes with a sigh as he felt the other twin weaving his hands through it. "Maaaa, Tohru...desu," he leaned his head on the more serious twin's shoulder and snuggling his face into the other boy's neck, breathing in his scent. "Yummy," he said with a smile as he handled the hair his hands were playing with and started to plait little pieces of it. "Kaasan had pretty hair, ne


Yukio gasped at the name, frowning at his brother and getting up, grabbing his books. "Don't talk about her," he spat as he stood up. He waved goodbye to the twins and stalked off.

Kai glanced up briefly as Yukio stormed off, a puzzled frown flitting across his feature before resuming his attention on… Tohru's hair. "Kaito desu. The guy you're sitting on is Akira," he introduced, since Aki was long past the stage where he'd be able to come up with anything coherent. In fact, if he wasn't mistaken, not only had Aki forgotten his plans to manipulate this pretty little boy, but he was actually purring! It really was amusing to see his usually composed and serious brother reduced to this, though he couldn't help the pang of jealousy that flooded through him.

Tohru tilted his head slightly, lifting it off Akira's shoulder and grabbing a bit of Kaito's hair, holding it gently in his hand and lifting it to his eyes before taking a strand of Akira's and looking at that one two. He then smiled widely. "You both have very pretty hair, it's nice and soft and silky and..." he stopped and giggled to himself, letting go of the pieces of his he still held and squirming on top of Akira’s body before blushing slightly and standing to sit next to it. “Gomen ne, for sitting on you. I got kind of carried away,” he waved his hands in the air a little before clapping his hands together. “So you’re in drama, ne? Same as Yuki-kun?”

Aki blinked as the boy climbed off his back, swiftly coming back to himself and frowning at his loss of control, "Why didn't you stop me?" he hissed in Kai's direction as he deftly re-braided his hair. He turned to fix Tohru with a contemplative gaze, taking in the boy for the first time, "Hai, we take drama. And you?"

Tohru crossed his legs, tilting his head to the side so much that his hair fell to the grass underneath him. "Me, ne?" He shrugged. "I wanted to take drama like Oniisan but there were too many students and Kaasan always liked my voice so I then wanted to be in music, only I didn't think my voice was good enough. So I'm all All-Rounder, that's why Onii-san has to help me in Drama because I missed out so much in my first year here."

The twins shared a look over the boy's head. An all-rounder? There weren't really that many of them in the school, most students preferring to focus on one art form. But it was rather sweet the boy thought so much of his family, to want to please them.

"That's nice," Aki murmured, reaching out to tease a strand of blue between his fingers, turning it this way and that to see how it looked in different lights. Such a beautiful colour, like the sky just after sunset before it got really dark.

Kai felt the stab of jealousy once more as he noted the soft, contemplative look his brother bestowed Tohru with. It was the same feeling he got every time someone caught Aki's attention, always mingled with the fear he'd lose all the attention he was used to.

Tohru shivered a little as the hand played with his hair, sighing lightly and nodding his head. “Hai, I get a lot of help though, from tutors and such because I need to catch up. Anou...it’s nice though, to be able to do so many different things. Makes it more interesting,” he smiled at the two.

“Don’t you think? Or...Oniisan doesn’t get bored just doing drama but he always did say I had a short attention span.” He blushed a little at that, picking at a piece of grass and twirling it in his fingers.

"Well, we've always enjoyed drama, haven't we Kai? And, I at least, haven't really wanted to do anything else. Our younger sister attends a dance academy though, and part of her curriculum also includes a little singing and acting, which she seems to enjoy," Aki informed the blue-haired boy, dropping the silken strands he'd been teasing, "So I suppose doing a variety can be enjoyable."

Tohru nodded his head quickly. "It is!" He replied as he all but jumped where he was sitting. "It's interesting to learn about all the different kinds of Arts and how they all fit together and yet stay separate. I meet a lot of people as well because I have so many different classes." He shrugged and laughed slightly. "I'm not as far along as some who just have one particular subject but I'm not that bad at any of my subjects."

Kai scowled at the boy who was stealing his brother's attention, and nodded shortly, "Fascinating," he bit out, throwing Aki a dark look, much to his brother's confusion, "Now if you'll excuse me?" He clambered to his feet, ready to storm off in a huff, only to be stopped by Aki's gentle hand on his arm.

"Kai-kun?" Aki's voice was soft, honest for the first time since they'd been interrupted, "What's wrong?" He brushed a loose strand of hair from his brother's face, Tohru forgotten in his concern, "Why are you so angry?"

Blushing slightly, Kai turned his face from his brother. If it had been anyone else he would have admitted his jealousy and made a big scene of it, but this was his brother… he shouldn't be this jealous that he was making new friends, and maybe more. "It's… nothing Aki, I just remembered some homework I have to do."

"Homework?" Aki laughed, sitting back down and pulling Kai with him, "You're leaving to do homework?! That's got to be a first." He turned back to Tohru, now that the crisis was over, "He's never willingly done any piece of homework in his life."

Resigned to the fact that he was going to be forced to stay with his brother and this… kid, Kai forced a laugh of his own, "Fine then. Just don't complain when I copy yours."

"Anou..." Tohru looked at the two in confusion for a while but comprehension dawned on his face and he blushed. "Ah! Gomen nasai! I didn't mean to...ah...interrupt you or anything!" He stood up, hastily brushing himself down and twisting his hair around his hand nervously. "I'll be going now, it was nice meeting you, ja ne!"

Aki blinked as Tohru stood, mind desperately trying to take in what the boy was saying. He glanced across at Kai, surprised to see a deep blush colouring this brother's cheeks. "Tohru… you don't think… I mean… we're not… he's my brother!"

"Demo..." Tohru stopped and tilted his head, looking down at the two of them before shrugging. "Love is simple, ne?" He turned to go again, bowing briefly to the two brothers. "Ja ne Aki, Kai."

"K-Kai, was it just me or did he think… I mean, that'd be impossible right? You'd never… and I'd certainly never… we're brothers!!" Aki rambled, running the thick length of his braid through his hands just to do something.

"Y-yeah… brothers," Kai chuckled weakly, "I mean… he's probably touched in the head right? After the way he was pouncing all over you!" And there was no way in hell he was going to admit that the idea was rather… appealing. Aki was right it was impossible, and it was wrong. And he wanted it oh so badly…

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