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A couple of meetings and a... misunderstanding? [03 Apr 2005|05:08pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Meetings and misunderstandingsCollapse )

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First meetings [06 Mar 2005|05:48pm]

[ mood | Pleased with myself ]

Kirameki, minna-san. Does anyone want to know how me and Kouta-kun and Mamoru-chan met? Go on, I bet you do ^_^ Look, if you follow that little link below you'll get to read it (and it's in pretty-pretty colours too ^_^)... But it's very long ^_^

The first meetings of Remus James Black, Shinohara Koutarou, and Aonuma Mamoru. Transcribed by Remus J. Black on one of his sensible days.Collapse )</font>

See, wasn't that worth reading?

Kirameki, minna-san,


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[04 Mar 2005|11:14pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello and welcome to the community ^_^. I guess you're wondering what Kamikura is exactly (if you haven't already looked at the info page). Well, it's simply a yaoi/shounen ai RPG set in a Japanese all-boy private boarding school made specifically for the Arts.
To join simply fill in the application on the info site and sent it to me at lianne_jasmine@hotmail.com, then join the community. I'll approve it when I've read through the application. Give me two days to approve it, after that, if I haven't got back to you on whether I'll let you join or not, you are free to spam me with messages and prods either at my livejournal panchino or on AIM at MelancholyLR. I will probably reply by the second day though ^_^.
And lastly, this is FUN people, hence no bad mouthing off other people (unless it's in character) or I will remove you. That is a promise.
I will be posting the rules for the school sometime tomorrow or Sunday and more useless information that you may/may not need or want.

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